mixed medium

Elsewhere was one of the final installatons done at SculptureCenter's Upper East Side location. It was the result of a summer-long residency. The work dealt with the repetative nature of time and experience.

In plan, Infinity Walk, 2000, wood, 32' x 16' x 8', is an iconic infinity sign. In elevation, the walkway rises, falls and turns underneath itself, providing a never-ending pathway that the visitor may follow.

Pigeons, 2000, 80 color slides, edition of 3. The slides are of a flock of pigeons from a rooftop coop in Brooklyn.

Lotus Fountains (Prototype), 2000, rubber tires, water and pump. The fountains are created from discarded automobile tires.

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<i>Infinity Walk (Plan),</i> 2000, In... Infinity Walk (Plan), 2000, Ink and Spray Paint on Mylar
<i>Infinity Walk (Maquette),</i> 2000... Infinity Walk (Maquette), 2000, cardboard, 16"x32"x8"
<i>Infinity Walk</i> Infinity Walk
<i>Infinity Walk</i> -- detail Infinity Walk -- detail
<i>Infinity Walk </i> -- detail Infinity Walk -- detail
<i>Concrete Spirals,</i> concrete and... Concrete Spirals, concrete and paint, 24"x24"x12"
<i>Pigeons</i> -- detail Pigeons -- detail
<i>Pigeons</i> -- detail Pigeons -- detail
<i>Lotus Fountains (Prototype 1 and 2... Lotus Fountains (Prototype 1 and 2) and Pigeons -- detail
<i>Lotus Fountain (Prototype 1)</i> -... Lotus Fountain (Prototype 1) -- detail