Plop Structure (1:10)


1200 linear feet of found pipe, tube, conduit, P.V.C., etc. and bailing wire

appx. 12' x 12' x 18'

Plop Structure (1:10) is made from publicly discarded and found materials that, eventually, become both a mass and a distance. These 1200 linear feet were transported to the site in a dozen 12" diameter bundles. This piece will be assembled and disassembled an infinite number of times.

Plop Structure (1:10), 2007 is a part of the exhibition Bivouac curated by Maximilian Goldfarb for The Fields Sculpture Park in Ghent, NY.

<i>Plop Structure (1:10)</i>, view 1 Plop Structure (1:10), view 1
<i>Plop Structure (1:10)</i>, view 2 Plop Structure (1:10), view 2
<i>Plop Structure (1:10)</i>, view 3 Plop Structure (1:10), view 3
<i>Plop Structure (1:10)</i>, detail 1 Plop Structure (1:10), detail 1
<i>Plop Structure (1:10)</i>, detail 2 Plop Structure (1:10), detail 2
<i>Plop Structure (1:10)</i>, detail 3 Plop Structure (1:10), detail 3